What is Probiotics Botanical Clear Drink?

It is a health drink that combines the effects of maintaining the intestinal tract, helping to clear the body, blocking sugar and burning fat, and beautifying and resurfacing the skin, and is suitable for all those who have intestinal health problems, mmmmmm, poor immunity, poor skin condition, and have the need to reduce fat and control weight.

3 prebiotics with 4 probiotics, proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria, regulating the micro-ecological balance, medicinal and food plant ingredients with a variety of fruit and vegetable enzymes, golden nudibranchs, help intestinal clearance, the selection of imported raw materials, blocking the absorption of oil and sugar, to accelerate the burning of fat to reduce fat hoarding, replenishment of collagen, to activate the generation of hyaluronic acid in the basement, beauty and skin resurfacing. Main effects of Epsom Botanicals:

1.Conservation of the intestinal tract
Proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria Balance of micro-ecology Nutrition of intestinal health

2.Maintaining gastrointestinal health
Proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria Balance of micro-ecology Nutrition of intestinal health

3.Weight control
Blocks sugar absorption, encapsulates oil drainage, and accelerates fat burning.

4.skin beautification and resurfacing
Hydrates and moisturizes for radiant skin


Is it safe to slim down with Onliso?

The Onliso range of products are all safe to consume and every batch produced is tested for heavy metals and microorganisms by external accredited laboratories through rigorous quality checks to ensure product safety and quality. All our products are carefully manufactured in GMP and HACCP certified factories. Ensuring safety and quality is our top priority and we guarantee that what reaches our customers is the best possible product.

Are there any side effects of taking Onliso?

Onliso series products are purely extracted from plant ingredients with no added drugs, therefore long-term use of Onliso will not bring any side effects. However, during the weight management process, customers may experience some common physical reactions when taking Onliso, including: increased bowel movements, diuresis causing slight dehydration, etc. These reactions are more common and will improve as the body adapts to the weight management program. However, these more common physical reactions will improve as the body adjusts to the weight management program.

How is Onliso different from other products?

Onliso is a natural food, not a medicine. Onliso is not a medicine. It is designed to regulate the beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to achieve an "easy-to-slim body" and healthy weight management from the inside out.