Block oil and sugar to accelerate fat burning, ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE
09.28.2023 | Onlso - Your neighborhood body steward. | News

ONLSO launches a brand new product - ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE to provide you with healthy intestinal care. ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE is a healthy drink that combines the effects of intestinal care, helping to clear up the intestinal tract, blocking sugar and burning fat, and beautifying the skin. All people with intestinal health problems, poor immunity, poor skin condition, and the need for fat loss and weight control.

ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE contains 3 major prebiotics with 4 major probiotics, this formula can effectively proliferate the beneficial intestinal bacteria and regulate the micro-ecological balance, creating a healthy and smooth intestinal environment for you. At the same time, we use medicinal plant ingredients with a variety of fruit and vegetable enzymes and golden nudibranchs, which can help clear the intestinal tract and detoxify the body. These natural ingredients have no chemical additives and have no side effects on your body, allowing you to enjoy a healthy life without worry.

Nowadays, the common gastrointestinal detoxification products on the market have a single role, such as most of the emphasis on the function of promoting the discharge, the ingredients are thin, no endorsement, or even illegal to add harmful ingredients, a strong sense of body, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. But ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE products with four major nutrients, clear, control, beauty, four dimensions to fully meet customer needs, 4 imported raw materials + a variety of domestic essential ingredients, green and healthy, GMP & HACCP double certification, 100,000-grade aseptic workshop production, gentle and painless, natural and easy, suitable for long-term consumption.

ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE, a bag before the meal, three meals a day, home-cooked meals do not have to be jealous, social functions, a big bowl of wine and a big mouth to eat meat, do not have to worry about, as a working person before lunch a bag, do not have to worry about sedentary belly fat! If you are a foodie, evening hot pot, barbecue, lobster and seafood, eat before a bag immediately let the grease away. A bag before the main meal, blocking starch absorption and fat good helper.ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE peach flavour, serving method: recommended serving size: 1-2 bags / day unscrew the lid can be consumed, refrigerated taste better.

ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE not only helps customers to adjust their physical condition, but also improves skin dullness, acne, pigmentation spots and other problems, so that customers are beautiful from the inside out. It allows you to eat a big meal completely at your will, a bag before the meal three meals a day without fear, even if high carbon, high fat, high sugar is not worried.

We firmly believe that everyone should have an ONLSO, guarding your health and beauty. ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE medicinal and food plant ingredients + 60 kinds of fruit and vegetable enzymes + golden naked algae, gentle and non-stimulating, help intestinal peristalsis, peace of mind to expel intestinal waste toxins, supplement the body's required nutrients, improve immunity, ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE is a good companion for you to enjoy food. Whether you enjoy it at home or take it with you when you dine out, it is a very convenient choice.