The "regret pill" for delicious food! Enjoy your meal with ONLSO botanical drinks
09.27.2023 | Onlso - Your neighborhood body steward. | News

The human body requires a variety of nutrients for growth, development and metabolism, which can be obtained through diet. However, unbalanced nutritional intake can lead to nutritional deficiencies or obesity. Symptoms of malnutrition can occur if the body does not get enough of the elements. Diets high in carbohydrates and fats and low in proteins can lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, which promotes fat accumulation and leads to obesity. The causes of obesity usually include: excessive energy intake, nutritional imbalance, slow metabolism, poor detoxification function, and overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

According to the World Health Organisation report, adults may accumulate 3-25 kg of toxic scum in the body and 3-10 kg in the intestines. These toxic scales lead to the accumulation of toxins in the lymphatic fluid around the subcutaneous fat cells, creating a fatty build-up, leading to a bulging abdomen and increased waist fat, which in turn leads to an increase in body fat, body bloat and obesity. Therefore, the ONLSO brand was born out of this cradle of health needs and is committed to researching a better healthy diet programme and providing healthy products - ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE - to a wide range of consumers.

ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE is a set of maintenance of the intestinal tract, help clear, block sugar fat burning, skin resurfacing effect in one of the health drinks, suitable for all the existence of intestinal health problems, there is a need for fat loss and weight control of the crowd to eat, medicinal and food ingredients with a variety of fruits and vegetables enzymes, gold naked algae, help intestinal clear, block oil and sugar absorption, accelerate the burning of fat to reduce the accumulation of fat.

In addition, one of the five star ingredients of ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE, Agaricus bisporus extract, is a plant-derived chitosan with fat-binding ability to block fat absorption, and at the same time, excrete fat retained in the intestinal tract, reducing the intake of body fat, and promoting the metabolism of body fat for energy.
1  Blocking: Blocks fat absorption and forms a protective barrier in the intestinal wall.
2  Absorption: Agaricus bisporus extract is a plant-derived chitosan with excellent fat-binding power.
3 Excretion: In the acidic environment of gastric juice, it can bind negatively charged particles (fat, fatty acids, bile salts). When it enters the alkaline environment of intestinal PH, chitosan precipitates and excretes chitosan-lipid complexes, which excrete the fat retained in the intestinal tract, reduce the intake of body fat, and promote the metabolic function of body fat.

Long term use of prebiotics helps in intestinal clearance and increased vigour to enhance the health status of the body. Initial intake may remove hangover stools which become black and smelly due to long accumulation. As time goes by and the intestines continue to be cleansed, there will be less and less waste in the intestines, the colour of the stools will gradually become yellow, the odour will be reduced and the shape will gradually become normal.
ONLSO BOTANICALBEVERAGE is a good choice. It not only provides sufficient nutrition, but also maintains the balance of intestinal flora and prevents intestinal diseases. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial colours and sweeteners, which will not cause any burden or harm to the body.